Big Effort

by, junita sari

New high school admissions banners emblazoned on the side line of the street and not free brochures are posted on the school wall magazine made me put a lot of choice where senior high school that will be my new school. Whether SMA or SMK who will I go. It happened ranges from April to June. Since that when I found it difficult to find the right school. My story has begun.
I am not going to tell you about the confusion I chose the right school again but now it has moved to my confusion as it will be a boarding student at the time. It would be my idea that I will make a topic in my literacy memoir. Granted I’m not going to tell it in detail but I will tell it in an outline that still maintain objectivity story. Well I will start telling stories.
When I was a grade 9 in junior high school  hit the incredible confusion for you select the right school. But fortunately the goddess Fortuna suddenly siding with me. My advisor (Pak Syaipuddin) tells about the international school that offers scholarships for students who excel than others. The school was named Senior High School South Sumatra (Sampoerna Academy). He applied to students who have a top 5 ranking only for grade 9. Since I include students who excel in my school that I was interested and the 6th of my friends that participation in the school register. Frankly I do not know more about the school, just based on the information I got from my advisor(Pak Syaipuddin) and indeed we were the first of the new generation trying to enroll into the school. And the chance that my parents are not rich people who can pay for my school in the school who have international standards such that it further strengthens me to try applying to the school.

We also took the registration file that has been provided school. I open one after the papers have become a stack of registrar. Many requirements demanded instantly made me dizzy. But, with hard work I filled out and meet it. With, I filled my own business and take care of the file that the files in the requested without the help of my parents because I know that my parents are too busy going to work and I do not want to add burden to them. In fact, to deliver even I myself went with my friend and her mother who accompanied join us deliver the file. The file has delivered. Just waiting for the announcement passed the first selection.
Enjoy the atmosphere of the afternoon while playing internet suddenly ringtones from my cell phone was ringing. Then I lift and it was a call from my friend who gave information that I pass on the second stage along with my two other friends. Did you know? I am very happy at the time. The results announcement comes after my long drive registration file. I was asked to take the test for 3 days at boarding school. I went with two of my friends the other tests ( Meta and Ragil ) but replicates the practice in my school is underway. We are forced to choose replicates after shocks. Difficult times have I been through the test. Just waiting for the house hold survey and the announcement of the final stage.
That afternoon I came home from school and before long there was room, 2 people who do not know me to the house. They amounted to 2 people with clothes neatly. I thought they were not a survey team from SMAN South Sumatra (Sampoerna Academy). They asked my parents and took pictures of the whole rooms in the house. Did you know? they are like detectives who were spying on me and my home or detective Conan movies are cartoons or comics.
It was time the final announcement of the results have come out, and it turns out I passed along with one of my friends is Ragil. Since then my indecision appears that I will be a boarding student  and left the family for a fairly long time (3 years). There are so many factors that affect me to accept or reject the school.
These factors support me to receive: opportunity, reducing the burden on the parents, making parents proud, make teachers and friends in junior high school proud, made me independent, awake from free environment and much more. And these are also factors that made me to resist: a lot of parents, lack of parental attention, not able to observe the development of my sister who was then age ± 1.5 years, and a variety of other reasons.
But my indecision was solved. I beat my ego and choose the best school for me to accept it and be a boarding student. Now I have lived in a dorm for 6 months. Turns out I understand that a lot of sacrifices that I have done and others give to me the success I was accepted at the school. That is really very valuable to me. Thank you very much all.
It’s not easy for me in everything I have been through for 1 semester. There are so many things that I can not escape being part of SMAN South Sumatra (Sampoerna Academy).

First: Support your closest friends and motivation of teachers

Suci and Caca: “Come .. You certainly can. Try it first “
Me: “But I’m not sure. I can not “
Widya: “How do you know that you can not if you do not want to try it”
Me: “I Dont know I can not even imagine”
Saints, Caca, and Widya: “We do not want to know, you should try it. We’re sure you can, it’s for your success “
Me: “Okay, I will obey your words. I’ll try it. “

Coercion was not my taste but rather the support of close friends that are always remembered in my mind that is one reason to eliminate my conscious and choose to accept to be a boarding student.

Pak syaipuddin: “come on guys, this is a good opportunity for you to get a scholarship at a school of international standard. A sense of pride when we can elect a student here. “
The sentence also has awakened my passion for the courage to try to take a test in school, known as the high school Sampoerna.
How could forget two important things are. Much obliged.

Second: Prayer and parent expectations and confidence a sister

“Try kid, maybe you good luck so we could escape there. Mom and Dad support you with prayer. ‘

Again, I thought the sentence advocates meet to receive the school. Prayer and hope the father and mother will probably not disappoint me just like that. For the sake of their happiness whatever will I do.

That night when the evening after the survey team came to my house. Before the announcement of the final results were announced. My mother had told me like this

” daughter, what if you received in school. What should mothers prepare for your purpose there. Mother would think the items that are important to you. Maybe mom will buy you a blanket, luggage, etc. “

How could my mother have thought like that when I would not necessarily go to school. My mother as having a conviction. No I thought not only my mother who has feelings just like that but my sister feels the same even she has believed from the beginning when I would attend that school enrollment. She was so sure of it and she has also given me a great confidence. I do not believe in the power of their love to me. Thank you very much my family.

Third: The work has been done

I fought alone in the care of the registration file. I remember once at the time. I’m looking for a file in need themselves, photo copy files in need themselves, filling the file itself though circumstances sometimes I ask my parents for things that really need to ask , even to drive it has accompanied me alone without parents. How could I forget about my my effort. Although I feel sad but I still feel good about it all.

Not only that. I also remember my effort when I was having a test for 3 days. I had to leave to take the that tests. How hard I had to take exams after that test. During the test I’m trying to show all the skills I had. I’m working on a written test with as much as I can. Even I can not believe relieve myself when it comes to showing talent by playing drama with a group of my friends. I was not finished yet still need to follow the interview, I felt my heart pounding-dag-dig-dug quickly at that time. Truly an unforgettable experience.

Fourth: a precious opportunity

Golden opportunity, maybe that’s the right name for school opportunities that have came to me at the time. The chance that a lot of people hoping to get it how can I sacrifice in vain. Opportunities in the craving of junior high school students was very valuable and difficult to obtain. If I loose this opportunity with granted, I think I’ll never get it again, and this will not happen a second time. Especially that I know if I qualify for the school with a lot of people succumbing to ± 800 people and I have wasted an opportunity for someone else if I refused. The opportunity is really worth it for me.


I’ve had periods of very heavy in student orientation for 5 days and for some reason it felt very long for me. In the student orientation that I have been taught how politeness towards older people, friendly, behave ethically, maintain cleanliness, respect for anything and many other valuable lessons I have gained.  I had an experience that is never forgotten. Can not inconceivable to me, the night before the day of the inauguration of a sudden my senior sister told me that me and the 3 other friends out of school. Did you know? how shock me in such conditions. Just think when the incident happened when I just called my parents to attend the inauguration event. But before the event was held I had to get out of school, I cried and almost fainted because no strong receiving the news.  In fact , school just tested me and 3 others because we did not take behave carefully. But since that I so get out and take the positive side of it all. I can better know what my shortcomings and improve on what my mistake. I take all of that good experience to improve future.

And until it was time for me and my beautiful friends of mine, the inauguration moment. I can not describe how wonderful that time because it was tears of happiness decorate the atmosphere of joy.

There, the school has provided a change of, experience, lessons learned and the things that have given me a sense of life. At school I learned how to respect our fellow human beings, caring, honesty, sharing, solidarity with one another. Indeed, I find it very difficult initially. But I know a change of major to me. In the various facets of life. I would really feel thankful to God blessing the Lord gave a good opportunity for me to develop into a better human being. Not only that, my English got better because of the familiarity of using English as the language of daily life. And I can also learn to use the international curriculum. My education develops better. I learned to be brave in everything. Not escape from it, I have a house there as a place that provides a comfort for me, Dovee Dove is my new family house that I really love. I know a broader knowledge. With me learn about a foreign country I know so much more about foreign countries. If I get trouble in learning I can ask my senior sister and not infrequently we share knowledge. Now I already know that life is so beautiful when boarding life together.

I kept applying for never bored and afraid to dig ourselves a latent ability. With the hard work I can get good results also in the end. Confidence and prayer never forget accompaniments. I believe that a big effort i can get what i want to reach and a big good things. Thank you very much all. I love you so much.


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