Kemaro Island

by, Junita Sari

Pohon cinta di Pulau Kemaro
Pohon Cinta


When Cap Go Me day, usually many people come to Kemaro Island to celebrate The Cap Go Me day. That is one of tradition in my region, which is Palembang. People that come to Kemaro Island involves of old people, adults , teenagers, children, even people from outside of Palembang. Kemaro Island is the one of legend about story of one couple in a relationship that has different belief. Both of their parents did not agree about their relationship because they have some differences. So that, they thought better for them to ending their life. They were ending their life together in this island on 15th in Imlek month or (Cap Go Me in Chinese).

All of people comes with some and different purpose such as for recreation, to visit grave and pray for that couple that have passed a way, or even just have fun, etc. On that day, there are some free transportation to some car public transportation and boat that we can use to go to Kemaro Island. That is transportation which there is red stamp on their own car’s body. So, people can use that transportation to go to Kemaro Island freely. Some of them choose to use car public transportation and some of them choose to use boat from Musi River to go to the Kemaro Island. Many festivals held when this day come,  there are Barongsai attraction, or even Dragon attraction that so entertain. Not only that, but also there is special place that has name Love Tree; Most of people trust if people who have coupled and they make their name on that tree, their relationship will be imperishable. In addition, people also interesting to visit the Pagoda, at the time people might entered inside it, but may not for now on. It is because of the construction of Pagoda is not in well condition. Visitors from Chinese people will pilgrimage to grave of boy to pray for divinity that they trust there is in Kemaro Island. But for Muslim people they come to grave of girl to pray for that girl. Not only that, many sellers that sell various accessories that visitor can buy as their souvenir.

As visitor they have obligate to obey the rule that have had in Kemaro Island such as they may not do something that prohibit. If they do that they will get disaster. So all visitors must be keeping their attitude.


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