A Fairyland behind the Castle

         by Junita Sari


                 One nice morning, an little fairy wakes up from her sleeping beauty. She is a princess of fairy kingdom. She has bewildered body with her adorable face, her golden eyes, her pointed nose, her brown hair, and her gorgeous wing. She is a cheerful fairy who always care with others fairy in fairy kingdom. She very likes to dance ballet because it looks elegant for her. Every morning, she never forget to goes to a fairyland behind the castle only wants to dance ballet. She does it alone because actually her parents do not allow her to dance ballet. Quietly, she goes to the fairyland through the back castle door, every morning. Although, she doesn’t dance with any fairy from the fairy kingdom but she dance together with all of the animalsin the fairyland. They are rabbits, dragonfly, bears, and many others. They all are friendly and because that she admitted them as her bestfriend.

                 One day, an little fairy is preparing a party for her birthday in the castle. That will be a fantastic party ever in the fairy kingdom. A little fairry invites all of the fairy in the fairy kingdom to comes to her party. The party helds in a delightful sphere. All the guests are feeling exuberant and they are very enthusiastic to make the party become hilarious.

                  One anxious night , an little fairy has a planning to brings many foods to her bestfriend in the fairyland. Unfortunately, her planning is going unsuccesully because her parents knew her planning from army of kingdom.Her parents got angry to the princess. Finally, her parents decidedt to lock the back castle door and do not let anyone to open it, so an little fairy can not enter to the fairyland anymore. An little fairy was feelling bad and sad when she couldn’t see her bestfriend in fairy land for long time. Her parents ask the princess to stay in the castle only.


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