Facebook as a Socialization Media

         by, Junita Sari


          The World has developed into globalization era. Many things have been changed become modern. Everything we can do quickly, easily, and effective. even we can do communication and socialization with other people through the social network. One the example is Facebook. Facebook is a media to do communication with other people in the world through the social networking. Facebook has been famous in the globalization era. Many people were known it , it can be from teenagers, adults, children, even the old people. When we have log into facebook and did chit-chat, update status, give comment and like, send a message wall to wall, etc with other people means we have did socialization through facebook.

           In a side, Facebook give us many benefits such as we can find new friend outside , sharing an knowledge, promote goods , do business via online, or even we can find our old friend, and many things.  In other side, facebook as well can make us become a lazy person, and sometimes people used facebook as a media to do criminality, mocked someone, etc. It means, Facebook has the positive or the negative side it self. As a human, better for us to filter it first and take the postive side only. Let the negative ones go away from our life. So, we can use Facebook in a good way.


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