When I was Your Girl

        by Junita Sari

    `Love does not have to have, but it must be owned by a sincere love’. Now, I realized it, I was wrong. If i can back to the past, to 3 years ago. I will keep our love tightly , but everything has been done.  You have been with another girl who is maybe much better than me. I hope you will be happy, laughing together with her, caring each other, sharing everything , loving each other , and I am happy to hear it.

      I remember our moments when we were together as friend. Immediately, it changed. You came to me and said ” We have been whole 1 year, and I just wanna say that I love you not what you say, what you do, even what you have, but what you are ” . Since at that time, we were in a relationship. I was your girl. and you were my boy. You love me with all your heart, but i was stupid. I just didn’t realized how big you love me. You care about me at all. When i was sad, you always beside me. When I felt down, you always raised me up. Formerly you always give me spirit. Everything yo gave to me. I was wrong, i thought that what he has did are so-so, and that’s only his role as my boy. I did’nt seen his sincered love to me. Not too long, you realized that my love was insincere love for him. He decided to ending our relationship.

        Now on, you have been with your girl. That should be me making you laugh, that should be me to have your love, that should be me sit beside you, and that should be me together with you, but it is only my dream.I was wrong, and now I just do hope to see you be happy with your new life and never to regret that you ever loved me at the past, please …. :’)


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