Finding Junita

          What do you know about BLISS? Well, here I’ll tell you my idea bout definition of bliss its self. So. bliss is happiness when you can achieve the thing you like the most, when you enjoy on what you are doing and it’s about your passion and enjoyed your life. In this session I would like to share you about my bliss. My bliss is when i think about my future and i can reach my goals, which is to be a success business woman or accountant. I choose to be a business woman because I want to build my own business and I will be the leader of my business. Another thing is to be accountant, the reason is that because i feel happy on that. I do hope i can reach it, because by those things I want to make my parents proud to me.

          “There’s no easy way out on the thing you want it the most”. By that quote I believe everything we want to achieve we should work hard on it to get the big result. So, now is the time for me to work hard by focus on my study in the school. My family, Yeah! They are the ones who I always remember that I will fight for every challenges that will come, and never give up.

          Next, is GRIT! Anyone know what grit is? OK. grit is the way how we can solve our problems and struggle for any obstacles that might be come. I need this kind of grit when i can’t achieve and reach my bliss which is to be a business woman or an accountant.


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