Hai , my name is Junita Sari. Most of my friends called me Junita. I was born in Palembang exactly on June, 1997. I’ve been school at one of the international senior high school in Palembang, South Sumatera which is aboarding school.

            I like to reading the books, it can be novels , short story, or even comics. I like to draw something whatever i want to draw. I like to play the games , to refresh my mind. And, unforgettable I like listening to the music such as K-pop songs, I-pop songs , J-pop songs, and Western and so on. I’ll feel comfort if i do those things. That’s I like so much 🙂

I’m a simple person. Nothing complicated. Just come to me, be your self, open your heart and i’ll open my heart too. So, I’ll be your friend and You’ll be my friend.

I want to be a business woman. I’m interesting to be like that. In my opinion be a business woman i should not to work for somebody else but i should work for my self. And its so great, i guess !. I also want to become Accountant, that’s interesting thing. Let me prove it.

Go around the world! that’s what I really want. I can see whatever people do and I will learn many things by whatever I did and whatever I seen before from many side , many place not only around my life environment. How incredible things .


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